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“I am proud to stand with a government that puts families first and foremost.”  

When everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, we know it can be very beneficial for all Northerners and Canadians. It can drive strong economic growth and improve the quality of life for families and communities. Just this past September, the federal government announced that new parental sharing benefits will begin on March 17, 2019. This is earlier than planned and a big step towards promoting greater gender equality at home and in the workplace.

This new measure will provide an additional five weeks of Employment Insurance parental benefits when parents, including adoptive and same-sex parents agree to share parental benefits, There is an additional eight weeks for those who choose the extended parental benefit option. Parents with children born or placed for adoption on or after March 17, 2019, will also be eligible.

With the EI parental sharing benefit, parents who select the standard parental benefits could receive an additional five weeks of parental leave. When the new rules take effect, families will then be able to take up to 40 weeks of leave from work, up from the current 35, as long as the second parent claims at least five weeks of that time.

By providing greater flexibility for parents to share EI parental benefits, this “use-it or lose-it” incentive encourages parents to share more equally in the work of raising their children. Plus, as a result of an earlier implementation date, more than 24,000 additional parents could be eligible to receive these additional benefits.

Finding the right work–family balance is a challenge for many parents across the country. This new benefit will give parents extra flexibility and encourage Canadians to share the work and joy of raising their children more equally.

As a parent, I firmly believe that providing Canadian families with greater flexibility when raising their children, helps ensure that future generations will have even greater opportunities in life.

I am proud to stand with a government that puts families first and foremost.


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