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Press Release: Senator Beyak should simply resign

“Let me be clear: the Senator does not speak for the North.”

(OTTAWA) September 22, 2017 – Honourable Bob Nault, Member of Parliament (Kenora riding), issued the following statement concerning Senator Lynn Beyak’s shameful comments:

“As an elected representative of the Kenora riding, I’ve spent years travelling the region and speaking to its people. I’ve seen, firsthand, the role Indigenous peoples have played – and continued to play – in shaping Northwestern Ontario. It is a shame Lynn Beyak, does not share this perspective and is more than willing to make ridiculous statements that further illustrate her complete lack of compassion and understanding.

“Senator Beyak’s most recent comments sadly echo her previous comments, and continue to show her own ignorance towards Indigenous history and lack of respect for the common goal of reconciliation. As I stated before, her behaviour is harmful and unacceptable. Let me be clear: the Senator does not speak for the North and her words serve to damage the reputation of all those in the Kenora riding who she claims to represent.

“Having been removed from all Senate committees, Senator Beyak has limited her own clout. She can no longer effectively serve Northwestern Ontario in this limited capacity and her views towards the Indigenous population are terribly misguided. She cannot be forced out by peers or caucus, but I encourage her to resign.”


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