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Press Release: Carbon-pollution pricing is the right thing to do to protect our environment – the time to act is now

Families residing in rural Ontario will receive an additional 10%, for a total rebate of $338 for a family of four – more than the increase they will see in energy costs.  

(OTTAWA) October 23, 2018 – The Honourable Bob Nault, Member of Parliament (Kenora riding) released the following statement regarding today’s carbon-pollution pricing announcement.

“Today, the federal government unveiled a carbon-pollution pricing plan for Ontario. Right now, polluting our environment is free, and that is not acceptable. Putting a price on pollution will help to curb emissions which negatively impact our environment and health, as well as the health of future generations.

“In the North, we know that climate change is real –we see the effects every day. Earlier this month Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner released an eye-opening report on the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence. Furthermore, Ontario’s own Financial Accountability Office also released a report stating that pricing pollution makes economic sense.

“Recently, Premier Ford ended Ontario’s provincial climate plan, including its cap-and-trade pollution pricing system. The province also cancelled their investments in energy efficiency and low-carbon projects that help schools, businesses and hospitals reduce costs. Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office estimates this decision to kill cap-and-trade will cost the province $3 billion.

“The federal government will ensure a fair price on pollution for Ontario residents and businesses. In addition, all revenues will stay in the province – and 90% will go directly to families through a Climate Action Incentive, while the other 10% will go to schools, hospitals, Indigenous peoples, universities, communities, and small and medium-sized businesses to invest in energy efficiency.

“Every Ontario household will receive a Climate Action Incentive in 2019 when they file their taxes. That’s more than the increase they will see in energy costs. For example, a family of four in Ontario will received a rebate of $307 on their annual tax return. Families residing in rural Ontario will receive an additional 10%, for a total rebate of $338 for a family of four. To further support rural Canadians, exemptions to carbon-pollution pricing include diesel used for electricity in off-grid communities, as well as some flights to northern and remote areas.

“It is our responsibility to tackle climate change head-on, and not pass the burden to our children and grandchildren. What we have done is to act while some provinces have chosen not to, sadly, at the expense of the environment and future generations.”

Quick facts

  • The three provinces that already have carbon pollution pricing systems – British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec – were also among the top performers in GDP growth across Canada in 2017
  • According to the World Bank, 70 jurisdictions – representing about half of the global economy – are putting a price on carbon pollution.
  • Climate change has already had financial impacts on Canada, and these costs will only continue to grow. In 2016, it was estimated that larger and more intense weather events will cost the federal Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements program around $902 million each year. The health costs of extreme weather are estimated to be over $1.6 billion a year.
  • To address high costs of living and energy, a full exemption from carbon pollution pricing will be granted to diesel-fired electricity generation in remote communities.


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