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Week of June 5, 2017

Last week, our government announced an investment of almost $1B in the forest industry in light of the unfair tariffs imposed by the United States. This will have a huge impact on the industry, and is one I fully support. The forest industry is ingrained in the roots of our riding, and has provided jobs and opportunities for constituents for decades. With this new commitment, I’m confident that it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

The $867 million investment will help support our forest industry workers affected by the U.S.’s targeting of softwood lumber. It will also enhance efforts to expand overseas markets, help Indigenous communities and organizations improve the performance of their forest sector initiatives, and allow affected workers to upgrade their skills as they transition to new opportunities.

Moving forward, our government will continue to fight hard against these extremely unfair duties imposed by the U.S. Canada has fought similar types of allegations of subsidies previously and won several times in the courts. We are confident that we will successful again. However, going back to the courts every few years is not acceptable. What we want is a long-term settlement that gives our workers and companies’ stability now and in the future.

Here in Northwestern Ontario, the industry has proven its ability to demonstrate resiliency. We’ve accomplished successes in recent years. The Eacom Timber Corporation in Ear Falls has bounced back after being idle for five years, while Kenora Forest Products reopened last year after nearly a decade.

This announcement clearly signals our government’s firm commitment to defending our forest industry, our workers and their families. In our riding, the industry has faced and overcome these types of challenges before. With this investment and support, I am confident we will prevail again.


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